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Larry J. Koncelik, Builder, Inc.
is an experienced home building company located in East Hampton, New York.   

We take on jobs anywhere in Eastern Suffolk County. Our expertise includes framing homes, small and large, basic and complex. We are set up to make and install our own custom trim; while standard paint trim goes up fast and clean.  

We also have a carpenter’s shop (photo left) where we build cabinets, front entry doors, and any other custom built accessory.      

We can build practically anything that a home owner might want us to build.  As examples:  We build and install complete kitchens, quality bathrooms, and vanities.  We design and fabricate stairways of all types including construction sets, traditional, spiral-taper, and modern.  We build cornices, cupolas, and  curved/rounded structures such as radial roofs, archways, rounded walls.  We build coffered ceilings.  And we construct slate roofs as well.